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Embodied Sex Educator and Coach for Women and Partners Who Love Them

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How does sex and intimacy coaching help women

create pleasurable, connected love lives

Join me for a special event for healthcare professionals: What is Embodied Sex and Intimacy Coaching, and what can it do for me or my patient's love life? 


Many women suffer from low desire, unsatisfying sex, pain and frustration, but they are not broken! Female sexual pleasure is an art, a science and a learned skill.  My time-tested, personalized, embodied methodologies give women permission, knowledge, skills and practices to create the pleasurable and intimate love life they crave. 

 Any woman referred by a healthcare or mental health professional enjoys a complimentary one-on-one session! 

As an OB/GYN in Colorado since 1983, I’m well aware of the complexity challenges in women’s sexuality. I agree with Debbie's perspective that female sexual pleasure is a learned skill, and that women greatly benefit from knowledge, support and practice. I know Debbie personally and love her passion, knowledge, and playful attitude about about sex and helping women.

She’s taken a complex subject, and created a transformation process based on concrete goals, time-proven somatic exercises and neuroscience.

I encourage you to read about somatic sex coaching and when appropriate, refer your patients. 

--Bev Donnelly, MD

Hello Mental Health Community: 
I had an exciting and informative meeting with Debbie Elzea, a former attorney turned sex and intimacy specialist. As I specialize in embodied methods myself, I really found her practice fascinating as it combines coaching with somatic exercises and a deep understanding of sexuality and male-female challenges.

As we know, sexual dissatisfaction is a leading cause of break up and distress. It seems that 40% of women surveyed complain of sexual frustration: low desire, elusive sexual pleasure, and not feeling connected to their partner. Debbie's program helps women overcome these challenges, transforming their relationships. She brings a life coaching perspective: 'you are not alone and you are normal! Female sexual pleasure can be complex, and a learned skill.' She helps women overcome worthiness and image challenges, get "out of their heads" and into their bodies and sensuality, explore what they like, and communicate this in a connected way to partners. 

If you work with couples who want a mutually satisfying intimate life, Debbie's program empowers the woman to single handedly improve the dynamic of the relationship. She wrote this paper to explain her methods, welcomes a meeting with you, and women who are referred by a therapist can receive a complimentary session.

Andrea Silver, LCSW, and Yoga Instructor, Denver CO

For a connected, pleasurable sex life, women need Knowledge, Worthiness, Time, Embodiment, Creativity and Connection."