Your Man Desperately Wants You to Desire Him!

What do men want from their woman? Men want to feel desired by their woman! In a recent interview study, 300 men in relationships responded to the question, "How important its it to have your female partner DESIRE you sexually??" 100% identified this as important, 95% said it was VERY important to them. Wow! and this probably includes the growing number of men who are the lower libido in a couple. The reality is much sadder! Only 12% of these men felt that they were truly desired; the rest hoped their woman would do more to be: more sexually interested, adventurous, initiate, flirt, be romantic. Another 12% felt they were completely undesired in their relationship and many of these men reported that: in the absence of being desired, they were unable to have sex at all with her, due to the impact on their self-esteem and arousal. That men get erectile dysfunction and/or lose desire to have sex or intimacy with their woman is consistent with my recent article: Why Men Lose Interest in Sex and Intimacy with their Woman. In addition to helping the woman with low desire to revive her drive, I also help my coaching clients whose husbands are shut down toward them, emotionally, physically, or both. Women often underestimate the power they hold to make a relationship sexy and loving again and get skills and empowerment to be his sexy girlfriend again! In my Cherished Woman program, women discover that the wonderful man they fell in love with is still in there! He just needs his woman to bring out his Hero and Lover side again! A good man reciprocates and rises to the occasion!! What do you make of that?? Are you ready to fall in love with your man again? Do you need help in magnetizing your man toward you? Do you need help truly enjoying your love life? I invite you to set up a call with me! Book a free call with me here! Love, Debbie

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