YOU are empowered to bring on the SPARK!

Who loves radio host Dr. Laura? I do!

"Only the woman has the power to bring the spark back."

For 2 decades, Dr. Laura has been a role model for me, as a romantic, a wife, and an intimacy specialist for women who want to be cherished wives, and I add to this, scxually empowered!

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This wife calls in to say her husband says he's not happy in their marriage; he says he loves me but doesn't feel the connection.

Dr Laura zones in immediately on the wife's admission that she's neglected her husband's needs by putting work and kids before him for years.

Dr. Laura says first, accept responsibility for not being a very good wife!! The marriage should be the center of the family.

The solution: turn on what you used to do when you were your man's wonderful girlfriend, make him a priority and make him feel like your MAN. (sound familiar? I say that all the time!!)

Woman, she says, consider yourself LUCKY that he is giving you a warning. (has your husband warned you?)

The wife resists, putting it on him, puts it on both being busy, puts it on her not 'knowing herself.'

To each objection Dr. Laura counters with, when men are not happy, this is what they do, they withdraw. And when you change yourself, and become his sexy girlfriend again, you will have fun and enjoy life!

She advises her not to talk with her husband about 'bringing the spark back,' but to just DO IT. Because "the woman alone has the power to transform the marriage!"

"Chatting is how women feel close, sex is how men feel close!"

I'm not so blunt as Dr. Laura, and use coaching skills, but get results for my clients!

Would you like your own Dr. Laura inspired coach to help you with the mindset, the skills and the empowerment of the cherished, sensual woman? That IS ME!! I don't know of anyone else who does anything like this!

Be your husband's sexy, cherished girlfriend again; I'm your angel who gets you there! Book a complimentary call with me to explore!

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