Would you like to be your man's Cherished Woman again?

The Cherished Woman program

Life is too short not to enjoy your man, your body, and your life! And a loving intimate relationship filled with physical and emotional bonding is not only ‘healing,’ it is your greatest source of joy, safety and connection!

This one on one coaching program is personalized to each woman’s needs, desires and relationship dynamic, and uses life coaching, education, and body-based methods to help you rapidly transform into the woman your man adores. You learn skills, confidence, and a new way of viewing your man and your life.

Become happier and less stressed

Most of our happiness is based upon how we view our life and our lover.

Stress is the top pleasure and relationship killer, making it impossible to relax and enjoy your body, relationship or life. We use proven positive psychology techniques, to reduce stress, increase gratitude, self-care, and resilience and build sensual capacity. When a woman shows up happy and in a good mood, her man is magnetically drawn to her!

Understand your man, and become his sweet sexy girlfriend!

Your man is not a big, hairy woman who is misbehaving! He views life, love, and sex through a masculine lens that few women understand. Understanding and celebrating instinctual male-female differences is key to stopping conflict, resentment, or shut down roommate mode and building safety, intimacy and mutual desire.

​ The man who feels understood, appreciated and RESPECTED then wants nothing more than to please and delight his woman. By putting on our love-colored glasses, and using time-proven skills of beloved and feminine women, we build up his masculinity, and teach him how we desire being treated. By becoming his sexy 'girlfriend' again, he becomes the loving man who wooed you!

Physical bonding and joy

If you are frustrated or disappointed by your sex life, you are not broken. Female sexuality can be complex, and it is very different from the testosterone-driven male experience. Coaching helps women get the six elements needed for a great sex life: Knowledge, Worthiness, Time, Creativity, Embodiment and Partner Emotional Connection.

In coaching you learn your own unique path to pleasure and joy. We blast away blocks that keep you from fully enjoying your body and your physical love with your man. You’ll become more present and confident as you finally break free of negative patterns and distraction. You discover your unique turn-ons and skills, becoming a playful, creative, and empowered lover, who knows what she likes and how to ask for it in your lovemaking. If you and your man are amenable I share especially chosen resources for your man on lovemaking tailored to what you want. Connecting physical love dissolves many day-to-day grievances and recreates the feelings when you were falling in love.

​ How will your life and relationship change when you show up in a good mood, love your man in a way that makes him want to be your hero, and you rock each other’s world in the bedroom?

When you have the skills, it’s easy to be your man’s cherished woman!

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