Why Women Love Conscious Loving/Tantra

Want Romance? Connection? Here is why YOU will love “Conscious Loving”

Here are some reasons why WOMEN in particular, love slow, conscious loving, regardless of whether you (or your man!) are highly spiritual.

I teach my clients conscious loving, borrowing from the sacred sexuality traditions of Tantra, simplified for regular lovers! Here are some reasons you will love it:

1. We take our time/set the pace. Slowing down suits the female anatomy which can take 10 times as long as male anatomy to be fully aroused.

2. "Having Sex" turns into "Making Love" with deep emotional connection:

You are unrushed and present

You are not goal oriented, ‘chasing orgasms’

You enjoy the journey

3. Mindfulness, loving intention, being very present Heart connecting rituals bond you and your beloved

You enjoy soul gazing, honoring words and touch

4. Embodiment: getting ‘out of your distracted mind’ and into your senses

For women, the most pleasure starts from a place of relaxation and acceptance.

5. Tap into new sensation, focus and energies using modalities like breath,




Sound exciting?

But wait, there is more....conscious lovemaking is also an antidote for erectile challenges as it emphasizes the bond, taking off performance pressure….

It counters the effects of porn use, as lovemaking is in a different category from thrill seeking/roughness from porn-style sex.

For some, Tantra is a path of spirituality, a broad journey that can take a lifetime. Many Tantra teachers now emphasize its spirituality, trauma healing, or yoga to the exclusion of sexuality. I've learned this the hard way, as my own beloved husband refuses to go to any more Tantric retreats/festivals with me, as the trend is to remove the sexiness!

Why work with me? My clients don’t have the time to do deep spiritual work, or perhaps they, or their partner, do not have the inclination to do so. I take what I see as the 'best of Tantric;' to help you create a sexy, loving, special bond between you and your beloved.

If you want deep connection and have days not years to create it, I guide you in learning to use slow, connected sexy practices to enhance your intimate lives.... starting that same day!

Further, my style of teaching sacred sexuality is not particularly ‘new age,’ and so it honors your religious values. I help you with many aspects of sexual empowerment including:

I also help you as needed in all aspects of sexual connection and bonding including:

  • Confidence and worthiness (negative conditioning, body image, performance pressures)

  • Partner emotional connection (eliminate conflict, promote mutual respect and caretaking)

  • Knowledge (what you might like, and how to get it, communication)

  • Time: (prioritize your love life and set the pace)

  • Embodiment (getting 'out of your head' and into the moment)

  • Fitness (absence of pain, plus sensation)

  • Creativity (playfulness and explorers together)

Sound wonderful? It is! What are you waiting for? I offer a free intro call!

Lots of love,

Debbie Elzea

Psychotherapist, Intimacy Counselor for Women

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