What Women Need! Published by Assoc. of Marital Therapists

My articles just appeared in two magazines! The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) published "How's Your Client's Sex Life?" And Best Holistic Life Magazine published a related article using my favorite photo of me and my man!

A link to the full AAMFT article appears in print and also on their website. It is written for mental health professionals, and the premise is that the sexual bond is a key element in the success and harmony of the relationship, and a bellwether to the health or risk of a marriage. Yet many therapists don't specialize in sexuality, nor even enquire, "How's Your Sex Life?"

The article also explains key differences between therapy/sex therapy and my intimacy coaching methods. My co-author is marriage therapist Jennie Battistin.

At a high level, therapy/sex therapy primarily focuses on getting women who struggle with mental health, trauma, or similar, to a baseline of 'normal' using traditional methods which often focus on processing the past, the pain points and problems.

In contrast, my coaching helps women who are not enjoying their sex life (or relatedly, not feeling, safe, connected and cherished in their marriages) for reasons not stemming from mental illness or sexual trauma. It takes the point of view that female sexual pleasure and loving connection are complex for a variety of reasons, and you struggle in this area, are not broken, you just need support, education, 'permission to enjoy," creativity and a guide.

I then explain 6 key things women need for great lovemaking in long-term relationships:

  • Knowledge

  • Emotional Connection

  • Confidence and Worthiness

  • Time

  • Embodiment

  • Creativity

Which approach seems to apply to your intimacy?

I invite you to explore what help via intimacy and marriage coaching could look like in a complimentary call with me.

Here's my Marriage Therapist's article:

The second article features What Do Women Need and also my QUIZ to help you uncover what it is that you are needing most in your intimacy.

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