"What Women Need" article for marriage counselors, and how coaching differs from therapy.

My article on Six Things Women Need for a Loving, Pleasurable Sex Life (knowledge, worthiness, time, embodiment, creativity and emotional connection) is being published by the Association of Marriage and Family Therapy!

The paper introduces the profession of sex coaching to therapists. I partnered with an licensed marriage counselor/sex therapist in submitting it.

Did you know that traditional therapists receive very little training in sexuality and often don't ask, "how's your sex life?" Shame and embarsassment prevents many individuals, couples and even counselors from bringing it up. Further, therapy is not designed to help you understand and reach your intimate desires.

If you are struggling, it may be a couples issue, or it may be an individual issue, as many female challenges such as shame, body issues, or the inability to relax and be present, predate the relationship and/or would exist independently of the relationship.

If this is you, this is a great opportunity to work with a coach in a one-on-one setting. Throughout your transformation, you bring your new confidence and skills back home to the bedroom and grow and connect together!

The paper also distinguishes between the therapeutic approach of the sex therapist, versus the future oriented, empowerment, and skills-based methods used by coaches and educators.

If you've been in therapy or counseling and it has not helped you create a magical sex life, you are not alone! Please set up a call with me to discuss your vision and challenges and see if intimacy coaching will help you become an empowered lover and cherished woman!

Also, its your last chance to get in on my three week coaching test drive; book an intro call today.

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