What a great sex life can do for your CAREER!

Professional Women! A great intimate life can boost your health, mood, relationship, and your career! The evidence is real!

Professional women have a challenge in having it all, doing it all well, and simultaneously enjoying life! Deadlines, clients, and bosses take the bulk of our time and energy, followed by children if we have them. Time for self, and our partner, often take the lowest priority. The sex life is often the last thing on our minds, only 'maybe' happening when partners tumble exhausted into bed.

We professional women invest so much in education, career, finances, but expect a great sex life and relationship to ‘just happen.’

What if we invested in making our love life loving and filled with joy, safety, and feel-good hormones?

What if we look at sexual connection as not just another demand on time, but instead an opportunity for pleasure, health, and connection and an escape from the workaday?

A great sex life has myriad benefits for your health, happiness, your relationship, and even your career!

This article will explain the benefits and two of the most common challenges to intimacy for busy professional women. A healthy, connected sex life has many health benefits, and:

“Maintaining a healthy sex life at home boosts employees' job

satisfaction and engagement at the office.

--The Journal of Management citing a study done by Oregon State University

A study of "the work and sex habits of married employees found that those who prioritized sex at home unknowingly gave themselves a next-day advantage at work, where they were more likely to immerse themselves in their tasks and enjoy their work lives." Makes sense to me, how about you?

Why are people happier in their work lives when their intimate lives are thriving? Many reasons:

  • Stress relief, thanks to endorphins. Most men view sex as stress relief, why don’t more women?

  • Good sex is a mood, confidence and self esteem booster. Feeling good carries over to your career and other relationships. On my intro calls with women, they describe their vision for their ideal relationship with their partner. I ask them, what would having this loving, connected relationship do for other areas of your life? Most say their attitudes and relationships in the workplace would likely improve.

  • Good sex is proven to lead to better sleep and better brain function. Great for work productivity and clarity!

  • It boosts the immune system, reduces pain, cramps and regulates the menstrual cycle. Fewer days missed from work or just feeling the blahs!

  • Sexual bonding is great for your relationship as oxytocin brings feelings of closeness and well being. More peace of mind, more support from your partner, more optimism on the job.

  • A great intimate life can also prevent relationship tension, stress, frustration and even divorce; all of which negatively impact how you show up in your career. Imagine the converse; how would feeling secure, confident, loved and relaxed impact how you take care of clients, or relate to bosses and colleagues?

  • Great sex and a successful marriage may also help your partner’s career to take off. Happily married men earn significantly more than their single colleagues on average. It may also help him be healthier and live longer: studies show that men with regular sex lives have reduced risk of heart disease and prostate cancer.

Does improving your career through great sex inspire you?

If your intimate life is currently disappointing or frustrating, you are not alone and not broken. Four in ten women regularly experience low libido, elusive pleasure, even pain. More are disappointed in the intimate connection. But you are not stuck with the situation, because female sexual pleasure is an art, a science, a learned skill, and help is available!

In my paper for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, I describe six things women need for great sex lives: Knowledge, Emotional Connection, Creativity, Worthiness/Confidence, Time and Embodiment.

Two of these are particularly challenging for female professionals: TIME and EMBODIMENT

Time means both prioritizing time for physical bonding in a busy schedule, and also time to relax into pleasure. In coaching we learn the beauty and advantages of anticipated, scheduled intimate time. Mutually spontaneous desire, after the first few years of a relationship, is a myth that leads to many sex starved relationships!

Time also refers to time for arousal, which for the female body can take 20-40 minutes. With the average sex act over in just 6-8 minutes, its understandable that the sex we get is often not all that great! Coaching enables a woman to explore what she likes, including more conscious lovemaking, and how to get it in a connecting way.

Embodiment means the ability to ‘get out of your head’ and into your body, the present moment, and the senses. This is a challenge for wo

men who are "in their heads" and often in their masculine energy day after day. Coaching teaches a woman how to slow down, be mindful, and practice self-care, so she can be present and relaxed in her body, and with her beloved.

So if you think you are too busy or don’t want to spend the money to improve your love life, I hope this inspired you to think again! In addition to the relationship and happiness benefits, it could be the greatest thing you can do for your career!

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