Want to stay happy? You got to ****!!

Relationship advice from standup comedy? Chris Rock and I are on the same page! He says, “You want to stay together? You got to “Make Love.”

I’m going to “Romanticize” his language, watch the video too as it's much funnier with F-bombs,

“If you’re in a relationship, all you should be doing is Making Love and going places. You should be coming and going!

You Want to stay together? You gotta “Make Love” it’s that simple….Ya’ just gotta ****. 
People are always saying, “oh, when we got together, it was so much fun, but then problems arose.
No they didn’t!  Nothing arose. 
Every problem you have today, you had when you met!! 
But you were ****ing, so you forgave!!
You knew he didn't do dishes. But he gave you good “love making.” That was a swell trade, **** for dishes!  
You knew she couldn't cook, but she licked your ****! 
“Ahhh, keep licking….we’ll order in!
You’ve got to “make love” you’ve got to keep it up! And you’ve got to do it no matter what mood you’re in. You got to keep this moving. You can't wait for the Holy Ghost to just get you.
That’s Right. That's right ladies, are you listening to me? Sometimes you gotta suck a melancholy ****. You gotta do what you got to do! 

WHO knew relationships could be so simple? Maybe your husband? Share this with him! And if you want to make your marriage sweeter and sexier, I invite you to set up an intro call with me, and discover how to get what you need while being his cherished woman again!

Love, Debbie

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