Think Therapy is the Answer?

Updated: Feb 14

Do you believe that therapy (for you/him) or couples counseling is the solution?

Consider this: most therapeutic approaches dive into:




Which often means: negativity....

Is that really what you want to focus your energies?

(it's the nature of order to bill insurance, a mental health disorder or trauma must be identified for each session, therefore the fix-the-broken approach.)

How much faster would you feel great about yourself, your partner, and your relationship if instead you focused on what you can actually change--

and unless you have a time machine-- that is ONLY the FUTURE??

What if instead of the pain, you felt joy and gratitude because you were getting more of what you define as GOOD in life?? Including More Intimacy?

What if you healed your heart (and his) by becoming your man's girlfriend, and thereby his cherished woman?

(Or you could just WAIT (beg?) for your man to figure out how to make you happy and's that working out?)

Life is finite, and running fast, isn't it time to be happy, feel s /exy, cherished and confident?

Positive psychology (what I practice) is a new field focused on using scientifically-proven methods to promote human well-being and flourishing.

I help you apply positivity and intimacy practices and skills to your life, your relationship, and your bedroom!

Ladies, your man need not even know what you are up to; a good man responds to the positive changes in YOU!

(And who's man wouldn't be grateful not to be dragged into emasculating marriage counseling, and be spared talking about his feelings in front of his woman, and a stranger??)

Many of my clients have been in traditional therapy or couples counseling often for years, and have felt the clouds lift and more joy in their lives and love for their husbands, not to mention pleasure in the bedroom, in just a few weeks!*

Here's a video from my client Brittany, who quit her antidepressants once she got unstuck, optimistic and fell back in love with her husband!

(did you know that for most takers antidepressants are libido killers, often compounding the problems?)

Turns out she was not depressed, just sad, frustrated, lonely and stuck, and she turned it around with me in weeks!

Get unstuck, get happy, be your man's cherished woman. My Coaching is the playful, positive option for women who want happy, s ex y and playful marriages!

YOU can do it too!


Debbie Marielle Elzea

Intimacy Coach for Cherished Wives

Colorado psychotherapist

(*if the true root of your problems is mental illness or trauma, or you are being abused, I encourage you to please seek a local mental health professional.)

That said, If your intimacy is not what you'd like and you don't know why or how to get unstuck, it's likely you just need the skills, support, and positivity to achieve your vision, and that is my passion; let's talk!)

I invite you to message me at

Or go to book online to book a complimentary heart to heart!

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