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Updated: Oct 5

Bedroom boredom, unsatisfying S ex, and not feeling desired/cherished are top complaints I hear from women. It's not surprising; most couples have the same old s ex year after year. And if they 'spice it up' it's likely to be pornography-influenced rather than as relaxed collaborators exploring ways to experience more pleasure and emotional connection.

Would you like to become sexual explorers together?

Then the key is to add creativity and become great communicators.

Communicating is an art: how to express what you like in a way that feels connecting and not controlling? Especially when you don't even know what you might like or how to get it?

Creativity is tough too; because even if you want to try something new, you want it to feel authentic, and in your comfort zone, so you don't feel foolish or turned off instead of turned-on.

I'm a therapist, and I coach and empower women to create more intimacy in their relationships, both physical and emotional. (I offer a free intro call; book here: )

With my coaching clients, we sometimes refer to this list I created of 130+ intimate practices for "vanilla couples" (my coaching specialty, women who want more play, sexiness and romance but not non-monogamy or kink). Many of the things on the list have to do with getting more romance and seduction. I'm sharing for a limited time with you today!

Discussing your turn-ons, desires and fantasies with your beloved can be informative and fun! Here are some ideas on how to use the suggestions to create More Intimacy:

  • Figure out your own desires and boundaries and surprise your beloved with your initiation

  • Think about your own desires and boundaries…and use together, or

  • Share with your man, and go through together or separately then return to share notes/discuss

  • Use for exploration, talk with your coach

For each, check


NO, or

“MAYBE, “under these conditions”

On you only/on me only or


So for 131 things you may already be doing, or may want to try, enjoy:

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