Tantra/Sacred Sexuality for everyone

Tantra is a deep spiritual path, a lifetime journey for some and it is beautiful if you have the time and spiritual inclination and partner to take that journey. For me and my man and my coaching clients, I focus more on how can we use slow, ritualistic sexy practices to enhance our sex lives.... starting today!

Here are some tips to get you started. If you are curious about incorporating sacred sex practices into your love life, such as slooowwwwwing down, and getting out of your distracted mind and into your body....and you are wanting deep partner connection, eye gazing and intentional lovemaking with your beloved....I invite you to set up a call with me.

We can also meet in person at the Mexico Tantra Fest in November where my beloved David and I will be leading a workshop on Polarity Playtime for couples, including Sacred Spanking for Goddesses!

Use my last name "Elzea" for 10% off!

Make the world a happier place--Make Love Today and Take Your Time! I'd love to hear your goals, visions and challenges and see how I might help! Set up a call!



Recording of a workshop I did for a Tantra festival that was virtual this year: how Tantra helps women with sexual blocks/why women love slow sex!

An informal video with my husband on why we love sacred sex....

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