Meet Vernon: Sacred Intimate (a conscious, healing, tantric gigolo!)

Interview! Intimacy Coach for Women, & "Sacred Intimate" a conscious, healing massage and sexual healer talk male-female relations

I'll bet you've never met a man like Vernon Smith....he traded in his military and "big box" management career to travel the world as a male gigolo! A conscious Deuce Bigolo! No kidding!

Vernon is so in demand for more than his muscles and charm, but also for his tender heart and his extensive knowledge and skills in female sexuality, sexual trauma, desires, romance.

Sometimes talk therapy is just not enough to heal deep seated trauma, but safe, consensual, loving touch can unlock walls and gateways. Through sensual massage and tantric touch, he helps women heal, and awaken their sensuality. Because sometimes a gal just wants to be held or heard, he also offers cuddling and companion sessions.

I love this guy and so do many women in Colorado; he has a fan club called the Goddess Group, that throw a party for him every time he's in Denver; I've been to several, and the women just adore his company and his touch.

I met Vernon at the Mexico Tantra Festival pre-covid; I'm hoping readers will come to this year's festival, Nov 16-20 and meet in person! My beloved David and I will be leading a workshop on playful, sexy bedroom games for couples! Use my last name Elzea for 10% off; read about TFM and register here:

In this interview Vernon explains what he does, and also talks about sacred sexuality and how it is the antithesis of porn-style sex. It is slow, conscious, non-goal oriented sexual connection. I work this type of sexuality into my coaching for women; how to get slow lovemaking even if your man is not all that spiritual!

I ask him to share some techniques to get more emotional connection from their man; and he describes the tantric hug and more....

He also answers my question, what do men wish that women knew about men's sexuality?....And some challenges women have in relating to men. I hope you enjoy; you can find Vernon by replying to me via this email or here:

I hope this was enjoyable for you; if your intimate life could be a lot better, I invite you to book a heart-to-heart with me to discuss!

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