Let Support be your Superpower!

What can you expect when working with me as your coach?

  1. I’m passionate about love and intimacy, and want the best for you, in your life and in your relationship.

  2. My methods are based upon proven scientific and/or social research.

  3. You have my undivided attention and my focus on your goals, including support between sessions.

  4. I’m a problem solver and encourage you to create personalized solutions that suit your personality, values, and relationship.

  5. I help you put the unchangeable past behind, and transform your current reality into a wonderful very-near-future.

  6. I encourage you to think bigger, sexier, and more playfully, bring your authentic, yet best and highest-self forward.

  7. I walk my talk and have done/am still doing the things I suggest to you.

  8. My man is genuinely happily married and loved up… and he and countless other men will vouch that this approach really works.

  9. I am your cheerleader, helping you celebrate your victories, and find silver linings in disappointments.

  10. I believe you are not in any way broken, but that intimacy, connection and pleasure are complex, an art, science and learned skill, and you just need support and guidance.

I believe in YOU! Love, Your Coach Debbie What could be better than creating life-changing intimacy with the one you've got? Let's talk; free discovery call: HEALTHY MAMA PODCAST with Kris What's a Mama to do in a love-starved, or sex-starved marriage? Answers found in this interview!!

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