Client story: Newlywed Bliss!

Updated: May 18

My client Bridget is a newlywed; she and her husband would have sex a couple times a week. She went along because she loves him, rather than feeling real desire or pleasure from lovemaking. Like many women, she had a hard time getting out of her thoughts and inhibitions and relaxing or enjoying. She didn’t even know what she might like, let alone how to ask for it. Like many young adults, she and her man got their sex education from porn, and as a result, sex felt more like a performance than pleasure or connection. He felt undesired and helpless to shift the pattern. He felt sad, she felt guilty; they found me on Psychology Today and set up a free call, where I explained how help couples transformed, by working with the woman alone. Their intimacy, both physical and emotional, improved immediately when she started coaching with me! In her video, Bridget shares how she: · now enjoys playful, connected, frequent lovemaking · adores her husband more than ever as their physical bonding has put their emotional connection through the roof · learned sacred sexuality methods that shifted from ‘having sex’ to ‘making love’ · taught her receptive husband how to be her awesome lover · feels confident and empowered to flirt, seduce, and wants to initiate…and he’s loving it!

Their sex life went from worrisome for her, to a "Ten Plus!" And her husband said, after the very first session, "Wow! Best money we ever spent!" Unlike therapy which often focuses on the pain, problems past, and probing into the reasons you don’t enjoy sex, Bridget and I had so much fun, so many laughs, in coaching together. Laughter is part of making sex lighthearted and fun. Especially in understanding that your man is ‘not a big hairy woman,’ and in virtual role playing like ‘making dirty talk natural and hot.’ She and her beloved are now expecting their first baby!

With the new skills, confidence, and communication, they can look forward to a lifetime of love and playful, passionate connection. What are YOU waiting for!? Set up a complimentary breakthrough call with me today!

Debbie Marielle Elzea

Intimacy Specialist for Women

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