How to get more help from your Man this holiday season!

Want way more help around the house or with the kids, from your man? And for him to do it willingly and cheerfully? Watch my video!

1. Gratitude vs expectations, it's how you ask

2. Men want to score points, and instinctively do an "is it worth it calculation." How to tip the scale in your favor.

3. Don't micromanage or criticize his performance. Let perfectionism (aka how you would do it) go!

4. Maintain a sexy, intimate life that keeps his love tank full and makes him want to please and delight you.

5. Don't be above offering sexual favors; you are married after all! AND, if you have a great sex life, you love this too!

Are you loving your love life and intimate connection with your man, inside and outside the bedroom? Or do you feel lonely, frustrated, or Stuck?

Intimacy coaching will help you create your dream intimate life! I invite you to set up a call with me.

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