How Online Dating and the P 0 RN superhighway have changed men, marriage and monogamy

Hello Ladies! Here's a talk I did on Cheap Sex: The Transformation of Men, Marriage, and Monogamy (in the era of the po rn superhighway and online dating!) Both have changed the face of lovemaking, loving intimacy and even the meaning of commitment.

Are you frustrated with your man's use of porn? You are not alone, porn is a real competition for his undivided attention! And it sets unrealistic standards, especially as most women crave emotionally connected sex and what you see in porn does not encourage honoring or cherishing.

Check out the DATA on how porn and online dating have cheapened the value of sex (and love!) and made a marriage-minded single man harder than ever to find! If you are married and dissatisfied, I hope this inspires you to repair and strengthen the marriage with the the man you've got, because while cheap sex is everywhere on the singles' market, commitment is harder to find than ever.

Cheap sex is not great sex, for women at least! Most women crave a combination of quality time, touch, emotional intimacy, commitment and romance! Something you just don't find in hook-up culture or where porn is your model.

Women can create everything they desire in their relationships but it takes effort and it may take a guide! I'm an intimacy coach for women and I am like a GPS for your love life, you drive and I guide you to your pleasure destination!

I invite you to book a call with me and join my FB group More Intimacy and Bedroom Bliss!



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