Emasculating a Man: for more intimacy, don't do it!

We live in a culture that emasculates our men! Media shows them as clueless or 'dangerous..." Feminism labels masculinity as toxic...

But who wants an emasculated or weak man as our lover? If you are like me, you appreciate a strong, manly, protector and provider! Who's with me?

As if the culture weren't challenging enough, as wives, we accidentally disrespect and emasculate our men further....

How? Most commonly, nagging, criticism, comparing, not appreciating, or withholding attention or sex....

We were just trying to express our feelings and what's on our minds...but that tends to backfire, doesn't it?

Instead of understanding us, and complying with our requests, we get a man who is shut down and avoidant, or angry and resentful!

This is a common challenge based upon a misunderstanding of the male mind and guy code....but what is a woman to do?

Please check out this video....I'm an Intimacy specialist for women, and my beloved husband David provides the man's perspective on what disrespect looks like to a man. And how simply not disrespecting and emasculating your man enables you to get the best out of him.

Because a man who feels appreciated and respected wants to please and delight you and be your hero!

Which is better ladies? To be "right" or to be adored?

Please LMK what you think?? And BOOK a call with me to make your marriage and intimacy fabulous again!

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