Don't be fooled by hook-up culture; women desire emotional connection!

Women who rate themselves the most sexually satisfied also rate their relationships as highly emotionally connected.

But which comes you feel emotionally connected because you rock each others’ worlds in the bedroom?

Or could it be that your emotional connection makes you want to jump each other’s bones?

It may depend on whether you ask a man or a woman….

and why does it matter where the sexual connection originates as long as you create this blissful cycle?

Research has shown the correlation between connection and satisfaction!

The "UNBLOCK YOUR BLISS QUIZ" I created and that was taken by nearly 500 women, confirms this.

"Emotional connection" was the #1 quiz result; 41% of women craved more emotional connection! Other women's top desire was more:

#2: embodiment (being present in the moment in your body and not being distracted by thoughts) 24%

#3 Knowledge and Creativity and

#4: Confidence and Worthiness (each 17%)

Of course many women are needing multiple enhancements to intimacy and the quiz only returned the top result!

It's easy to see how a woman may have some of each category: not feel fully desired or connected with her partner, and also have confidence and body issues, not know quite what she likes sexually or how to explore what she might like, or ask for what she wants, and the inability to relax and get out of her judge-y mind....

Take the Quiz and discover your top need or desire!

Getting more emotional connection from your Beloved takes skills, insights and knowledge you may not have! Learn and connect in my Facebook Community!

Men and women are so different in so many ways:

In our anatomy,

our hormonal balance,

our ways of thinking and relating,

our upbringing and social conditioning...

You start by accepting that you really only have the power to change yourself....but if you've picked a good man, he will reciprocate, because a good man really does want to please you, make you happy, be your hero!

How do you do this? You can start by cultivating your feminine energy, generally seen as a playful, creative essence. The stronger the polarity with his masculine energy, the stronger the sexual attraction, and his motivation to please.

There are many things you can do to step into your feminine, receiving side, including gratitude and self-care.

Also do your part to repel negative energy: cease things you may be doing to inadvertently turn your man away....which according to men, include disrespect, nagging, lack of appreciation, and not putting effort into your appearance.

Both partners would benefit from adherence to ‘the Platinum Rule,’ an improvement over the 'golden rule' of treating your partner like you yourself would like to be treated. Men are not women, and your man is not all men--find out exactly how he would like to be treated, then do that!

Having a Coach on your Team can help you get the insights, skills, attitudes and behaviors that work with your man's masculine nature, and make him really WANT TO PLEASE YOU! A good man wants to protect, provide and be your HERO.

Are you bringing out the best or the worst in your man? Or something kind of indifference or roommate syndrome? You, my friend, have the power to make your relationship wonderful! I invite you to book a complimentary call with me to explore your vision for your ideal love life and your challenges.

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