Did you marry a Prince? Did he turn into a KING or a TOAD?

You often see me writing about how I adore my husband Dave!?

Some might think that I got so lucky, finding such a wonderful man!

But his TWO EX-WIVES would disagree!!The truth is, Dave is the same masculine, kind, and committed man he was then...

Yet, these women just didn't know, or care to get the best out of him.

And my Beloved will admit, they often got the worst out of him (workaholism, emotionally shut down, not affectionate, HE didn't want sex with HER!!)

He slept in the unfinished basement of his own home to avoid his ex-wife for years; he s ex starved himself because she was so unpleasant and just didn't get him!

Assuming we married a decent guy (one who doesn't have issues like addiction, abuse or being incapable of being faithful) what we get out of our man is largely what what we put into it.

As the woman, we have so much power to make our relationship loving, connected and passionate. Our man turns into our KING, and we, HIS QUEEN!

Conversely, whether we like it or not, we also have the ability to turn our man into an emotionally shut down, unhelpful and unromantic TOAD !

If we married a good guy and he shut down, or "turned into" a bad guy.... ask yourself, Does a good man who feels respected, cared for, and physically bonded to his woman....avoid her or act nasty?

Don't become an EX-wife or frustrated, confused woman grasping at marriage counseling as a life line!

Break the cycle and become your man's sexy and cherished girlfriend again!

It is my passion and my privilege to help end heartbreak and divorce and help women create love and connection with the one you've got!

And if your relationship is already pretty good, but maybe not as passionate as you'd like it, think of how much better it will become when you are sensual soulmates!

BOOK a free call with me to explore where you are versus where you want your love to be!

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