Client story with husband! Coaching works!

Meet Mary! I've been coaching her via Zoom, then she and her husband made the trip to work with me in my home office! Thank you, Mary and Jerimiah for sharing some ways my unique intimacy coaching has helped you connect and explore!

Mary, what were you struggling with?

  • A lack of intimate and physical connection with my husband,

  • Inexperience and a religious upbringing

  • I wanted to explore my s3exuality and spiritual aspects but didn’t know how

  • I held a lot of resentment towards him (note: we cleared this up using an exercise in logic, in one session!)

What’s been most impactful in our work together?

  • Learning about my body, and what I like sensually

  • As a wife and Mama of three, I am the one who sets the tone in my household

  • Feeling empowered, I’ve discovered that I'm a sensual person

  • I didn’t know my body could feel so tingly… just from breathing

  • It gets me out of my “mommy-mind,’ conscious, and ‘into my body.’

What would you say with women considering working with me?

  • Invest in yourself, get support!

  • "Debbie has a big heart for women; she cares, and she wants the best for you and your mate," and your marriage.

  • And from her strong, silent husband, "It's been good," said with a smile ;-)

For more client stories, see videos here: Intimacy Coaching Works!

If YOU want to rewrite your love story, rekindle (or ignite for the first time!) your pleasure, connection, passion and intimacy or set a time to talk.

Lots of Love!

Debbie Marielle Elzea

Intimacy Specialist for Women/Psychotherapist (CO)

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