Client Story! Wife and Husband go from despair to loving!

Brittany tells how jealousy, fighting, sleeping apart and feeling alone, caused her depression and to seek divorce.

Her despair disappeared once she and her man reconnected deeply after just weeks in More Intimacy's Cherished Woman coaching program. She quickly transformed her mindset, her bedroom, and singlehandedly saved her family!

When she learned how to relax and show up happier, stop emasculating and start appreciating her man, and turn up the sensuality, her man responded lovingly and once again became her hero!

You also have the power to transform the loving dynamic in your marriage and your bedroom. But you can't do it "on the fence!" You must decide that you want love and intimacy! Afraid it will be hard? See how easy it was for Brittany.

Let's talk about your challenges and your vision; respond to this email or set up a call below!



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