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Client Stories: Intimacy Coaching Works!

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

My client Mary brought her husband Jeremiah all the way to my Colorado home from New Orleans!

We had just completed a beautiful 'sensory awakening' tantric ritual, when they offered to talk about what my intimacy coaching with Mary has done for their intimate bonding. Highlights are here:

What prompted you to work with me Mary?

I was wanting more intimate connection with my husband

I was holding a lot of resentment towards him ...

I was inexperienced and inhibited due to a religious upbringing

and I wanted to explore my sexuality but didn’t know how.

What’s been most impactful in our work together?

Learning about my body, what I like sensually

How I impact and set the tone in my household (the couple has 3 young children and one on the way!)

I enjoy learning, and learning with my husband

It feels good to be empowered

I didn’t know my body could feel so tingly… just from breathing

It definitely gets me out of my mommy-mode mind

Puts energies into my body and my pelvic floor

It takes time and awareness but you can do it if you slow down and get into it!

What would you say with women considering working with Debbie who feel stuck?

Invest in yourself, your sexuality has so many components, get support

Debbie has a big heart for women; you can feel she wants the best for you and your mate, she’s genuine, she genuinely cares about the wholistic component of your marriage

How has your husband responded to you showing up as his sexy girlfriend? (Jerimiah is like many of our menfolk, a man of few words!) "It’s been good." How has your wife understanding the male mind been helpful? "That’s been helpful too…"

More videos from newly Cherished Women follow....Whether your marriage is starved for intimacy, connection and/or sexiness, coaching can help! Enjoy these wives' stories on how intimacy coaching revived the love, passion and intimacy in their relationships with their men!

Mother of young children goes from verge of divorce and depression to creating a happy sexy marriage again, in just weeks!

Wife delightedly revives her conflict-ridden and sex-starved marriage!

Has your man stopped desiring you? Read my article and understand the reasons why: Why Has My Man Lost Desire For Me?

Newlywed learns communication skills inside and outside the bedroom, "I realized I was disrespecting my husband." and they become "s3xual explorers together.

How did intimacy coaching transform this wife and mother's life? Interview.

If your marriage could be more loving, or your bedroom could be sexier, I invite you to an intro call with me!

Debbie Marielle Elzea

Intimacy Specialist for Women

Wife, mother, Colorado psychotherapist, relationship coach and Romantic

FB group More Intimacy in Marriage for Women:

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