To tired to make love? Save your intimacy....from your kiddos! (or job....)

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

It's a common mistake mothers make! It's understandable that when children are very young, they take substantial time and energy.

But do you continue to give all your attention and energy to the kiddos for years, to the point that your husband feels neglected, and you frustrated?

He may enjoy being a father, and think you are a good mother, but it's simply human that he still wants your attention, respect, and to be your man!

Have you abandoned the the sensual, sweet, playful "girlfriend" you used to be, when you wanted this capable, attractive man to fall in love with you and put a ring on you!?

Are you resentful that he has the nerve to want s3x? Can't he see you are tired, with nothing left to give him?

And now he is acting distant or nasty? Why should you want to please him now?

Or maybe you know in your heart you are neglecting his needs, but guilt is not making you feel more loving or sexy...maybe just stuck or broken?

And to make things worse, are you "mothering" your man, seeing him as incapable, as a child?

Ooh, men hate this! A disrespected man is not a loving man. And "mothering" or controlling is almost guaranteed to kill off desire...both you for him, and him for you!

Don't despair...There are so many way YOU can protect your intimacy from being stolen your overwhelm feeling like neglect to him.

For instance....if you show up cheerful....(ask me how!) and keep his love tank filled with attention, appreciation and lovemaking, you will not only feel better about yourself, your marriage and your life, HE will be more loving, and do more for you!

I call this getting the best out of your man; by bringing your best self forward. How do you do it?

  • Reduce your stress, overwhelm and show up happier. Positive psychology proves you can do this!

  • Understand your Man's nature and relate to him in a way that makes him want to please and delight you, and be your hero!

  • Female pleasure is an art, science and a skill; learn to really enjoy your love making with your man, so you celebrate your physical bond, instead of avoiding, rejecting, or viewing it as a chore!

Don't know how? Don't put your marriage, your kid's secure nest and your happiness at risk by continuing what is not working for you. Take charge of your life!

I invite you to set up a complimentary call with me to explore your desires and challenges and see how my Cherished Woman program may get you unstuck and loved up!

Lots of Love,

Debbie Elzea,

Intimacy Specialist for Women, CO Psychotherapist

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