Are you outsourcing your happiness and your sexuality to your husband?

The sooner you understand, that YOU are the one who can transform your life; the sooner you show up happy and empowered! Read my client breakthrough story:

After experiencing “multiple-breakthroughs” Tammy exclaimed, “all women should know this!”

Disempowerment and resentment

Married for 2+ decades, and working with me for only a five weeks so far, Tammy realized that she’d “outsourced” her entire erotic life to her husband.

Until working wit me, she neither thought of herself as a particularly sexual being, nor that she had responsibility for her turn-on or pleasure; she’d merely “show up, lie there,” and expect him to make magic happen.

As a man, he’d do his best, but his sexuality was mostly expressed in a masculine way, which often didn’t do it for her. It felt like “having sex,’ not ‘making love.’

When she was disappointed….she assumed it was his fault, and mutual resentment and a lack of connectedness became the rule.

Ladies, can you relate?

Does your man have all or most the responsibility for your pleasure?

How can a man truly understand what goes on in a woman’s mind, heart, and yoni?

And how can a mortal man truly offer what this specific woman needs in this specific moment in time, and how hard, soft, slow, fast, etc, she specifically needs this, when she does not even know herself?

When you are an equal partner in pleasure, you will create what you desire, and your husband will be so happy and relieved!

Breakthru #2: Replacing negative messages with empowering ones.

In coaching, we’ve explored negative messaging that my client (and most other females) receive about our sexuality, from culture, religion, parents, sex-ed, men, and yes, other women…

Mainly that our sexual expression is something to be

  • repressed,

  • shamed,

  • or used in service of a man.

In coaching we counter negative messages with empowering ones.

For instance, using somatic exercises (of the body)

  • we breathe in goodness, while expelling stored negativity.

  • Breathe in power….breathe out shame!

  • Experience how our sexuality is normal, healthy, and natural.

  • We celebrate, I am a sexual being!

It’s about how we show up!

  • We’ve done exercises in what WE do to turn ourselves on.

  • What WE do to turn ourselves off.

  • And how much ability and responsibility we have for both.

If we show up with our brains filled with negativity, shame, resentment, distraction, etc., our lover would have to be a magician to turn us on…. ,

In contrast, if we show up as a confident, empowered, relaxed and loving woman, who knows what she likes and how to get it, together we can create magic!

It’s essential that we give ourselves permission to be sexual beings and enjoy the health, well being and connectedness that our sexuality makes possible.

And take the responsibility to make this happen, getting help and support if needed.


This is how we become an EMPOWERED woman and lover!

Would you like to be EMPOWERED and CHERISHED ? I'm an Intimacy Specialist for Women and I invite you to a conversation! Book here:

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