Affair-proof your marriage!? (+ Comedy Men and Cheating!)

Can you Affair-proof your marriage?

What triggers an affair, and what can you do to prevent your man from straying?

What about you? Ever tempted to seek greener grass?

According to research, commitment depends on 3 factors:

1. The investments that are shared, like children, property and social status.

2. The quality and availability of attractive alternatives and partners.

(The Tiger Woods effect--how many beautiful women does a man need to turn down?!)

3. The Quality of the Relationship.

What’s a quality relationship? It’s not defined in the study, but let’s describe it as kindness, respect and emotional and sexy, physical connection. Do you have this in yours?

Good news! The woman has so much power to create quality and set the loving tone of the relationship! If you want to keep your man committed, close and loving but feel stuck in this area, I invite you to set up a call with me!

Now, how do you get fulfillment and quality out of the relationship you have,

so that YOU ARE NOT TEMPTED TO STRAY yourself?

According to research,

Women Cheat for Four Reasons:

Need for connection

Sexual Intimacy


Fear of being left/taken advantage of (“beat him to the punch”)

But again, straying is unnecessary, when you have so much power and ability to create a loving, connected, and sexy marriage, with the man you chose!

When you have that kind of connection, you also don’t have the desire to seek ‘greener pastures.’ The grass is greenest--where you water it!

If your relationship lacks connection, and/or sexual intimacy, don’t wait until one or both of you are tempted to stray before doing something!

Transform your relationship and strengthen your love, commitment, and passion!

But have you discovered how hard it is to escape old patterns and negativity on your own?

If you are stuck and can use a guide, I invite you set up a call with me to discuss your particular challenges, and your goals and vision for your ideal love life, with the one you’ve got!

Here's a comedy treat for you on men and cheating: Ron White on Tiger Woods:

Advice to women who want a faithful man: don’t marry the guy that everyone wants to fu @k!

He gives Tiger credit for him only sleeping with 18 women out of the 82,000 who threw themselves at him! That’s Love!

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