Somatic Sex Educator and Coach for Women

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Sex should be a pleasure, not a chore or pain! 

Many women suffer from low desire, unsatisfying sex, pain and frustration, but they are not broken! Female sexual pleasure is an art, a science and a learned skill.  My time-tested, personalized, somatic methodologies give women permission, knowledge, skills and practice to create the pleasurable and intimate love life they crave. 


Any woman referred by a healthcare or mental health professional enjoys a complimentary one-on-one session! 

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An Introduction to Somatic Sex Education and Coaching, for Healthcare and Mental Health Professionals. 

As an OB/GYN in Colorado since 1983, I’m well aware of the complexity challenges in women’s sexuality. I agree with Debbie's perspective that female sexual pleasure is a learned skill, and that women greatly benefit from knowledge, support and practice. I know Debbie personally and love her passion, knowledge, and playful attitude about about sex and helping women.

She’s taken a complex subject, and created a transformation process based on concrete goals, time-proven somatic exercises and neuroscience.

I encourage you to read about somatic sex coaching and when appropriate, refer your patients. 

--Bev Donnelly, MD

Hello Mental Health Community: 
I had an exciting and informative meeting with Debbie Elzea, a former attorney turned sex and intimacy specialist. As I specialize in embodied methods myself, I really found her practice fascinating as it combines coaching with somatic exercises and a deep understanding of sexuality and male-female challenges.

As we know, sexual dissatisfaction is a leading cause of break up and distress. It seems that 40% of women surveyed complain of sexual frustration: low desire, elusive sexual pleasure, and not feeling connected to their partner. Debbie's program helps women overcome these challenges, transforming their relationships. She brings a life coaching perspective: 'you are not alone and you are normal! Female sexual pleasure can be complex, and a learned skill.' She helps women overcome worthiness and image challenges, get "out of their heads" and into their bodies and sensuality, explore what they like, and communicate this in a connected way to partners. 

If you work with couples who want a mutually satisfying intimate life, Debbie's program empowers the woman to single handedly improve the dynamic of the relationship. She wrote this paper to explain her methods, welcomes a meeting with you, and women who are referred by a therapist can receive a complimentary session.

Andrea Silver, LCSW and Yoga Instructor, Denver CO

For a connected, pleasurable sex life, women need Knowledge, Worthiness, Time, Embodiment, Creativity and Connection."