Live Masterclass: Blissful Bedroom Bootcamp! What's keeping you from blissful pleasure and connection in your relationship? 

Get the loving affection and intimacy you crave; even if you or your man is shut down or frustrated. 

Whether your block is being 'all up in your head,' not knowing what you want or how to ask for it, or not having confidence or creativity....you are not alone or broken!

You, girlfriend, have the ability to get what you need! And change the dynamic of your partnership!

I want to learn how to get more loving connection! Count me in for the free workshop, and in the meantime, enjoy my gift--a step-by-step video for an easy, intimate connection practice! 

June date TBD: Sign up to get Zoom, sign in info. 

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Enroll in this playful workshop you will: 

1. Learn with other women who also want to be cherished women and be their husband's girlfriend again! (attend live as recording will NOT be posted to protect confidentiality) 

 2. Key elements in a passionate, connected love life! 

3. Common blocks to female pleasure and what to do. 

My happiness is within my reach and my control. I have the ability to get the best out of my life, sensuality and my man.....and I WILL, once I know the secrets of happily married, empowered and adored wives! 

Start with this 5 minute practice in this free video and join a sisterhood masterclass! 

This class is helpful to women who are in committed relationships, or would like to be! 


Girlfriends' Guide to Blissful Un-blocked Pleasure Masterclass is a MUST for you

if one or more of these apply: 

  • You feel alone or disconnected in your relationship 

  • You struggle with pleasure, confidence, and your sex life is just not what it used to be or could be. 

  • You are frustrated with your body and inability to shut off your mind.

  • You are bored or disappointed with physical intimacy. 

    • Any YES answers? 

Your pleasure IS NOT a Luxury; it is a NECESSITY for your happiness and the thriving of your romantic relationship! 

The best kind of joy and healing comes from loving and being loved, feeling sexy, self-confident, and making my vision come true! Count me in! 

June date TBD; sign up to get your invitation! 

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A Love Note From Debbie.... 

​I love being a turned-on, cherished and blissfully married woman, but it's been a journey! I grew up in a lonely home, broken up by my parents' sexual incompatibility, and then lived as a single mother after my own heart-wrenching, sexless marriage. My beloved David had two divorces from women who just didn't know how to get the loving best out of a good man (hint: through his stomach AND about 10 inches below ;-).  

It breaks my heart to see families torn apart by sexual disappointment, and misunderstandings of male-female differences, instead of appreciating these gifts as the glue that bonds us together in a flood of feel-good hormones, appreciation and love! 

A few years ago, I asked my beloved, why do you love me? (Yes--I was guilty of fishing for compliments, but why not? My love language is words of affirmation, his is not, and often a man simply needs to be told how to please you!) He thought a moment and said: You've really taken the time to understand men. You never try to manipulate or change me. You help people, and you always tell the truth. I loved it, and this was not to mention our amazingly connected sex life.... Soon after, with Dave as my muse, I embarked on my passion project, learning all about sexuality and life coaching. Today I help other women create strong families and romantic relationships by creating loving, passionate, pleasure-filled relationships with the man they've chosen! 

Girlfriend--marriage counseling is not the answer to bedroom challenges;  forcing a man to talk to a stranger about his feelings almost always backfires....there's nothing sexy or bonding about sharing complaints and excuses. What you can do is ignite your spark, in part, by becoming the sexy, playful girlfriend he fell in love with again! It only takes one--to be the catalyst for a loving dynamic and amazing love and sex life--and that one is you!