Are you craving more intimacy?

I help women create MORE INTIMACY with their partner, both emotional and physical.

My proven methods help you, the woman, make your marriage loving, happy, and physically bonded, even if your husband is not directly involved! 

You can transform a disconnected, frustrating bedroom into a place of deep connection, playfulness and pleasure. 

Live, virtual intimacy coaching is a fast-acting, enjoyable alternative to marriage counseling, individual therapy, and/or sex therapy.

Female sexual pleasure  and intimate bonding can be complex and if you struggle, you are not broken! To be able to enjoy great lovemaking over the long-term, women often need many 'stars to align.'  I help women get all of the following: 


  • Confidence and worthiness, shed shame and body image issues

  • Partner emotional connection, feeling safe and cherished

  • Knowledge, know what you might like, and how to get it

  • Time: prioritize your love life and slooow down

  • Embodiment, mindful sensuality: getting 'out of your head' and into the moment

  • Fitness; the absence of pain, increase in sensation

  • Creativity; playfulness and sensual explorers together

You also create a relationship that feels safe, sexy and playful and inspire your man to bring his best self:   

  1. Reduce your stress, and improve your well-being through the 'science of happiness' positive psychology. Ever notice how your man is magnetically drawn to you when you are in a good mood? 

  2. Inspire your man to want to please and delight you, and be Your Hero. Understanding male-female instinctual differences may unlock respect, desire and attraction. 

  3. Discover your own unique path to pleasure, communicate your desires,  and connect deeply and playfully as lovers. 

Would you love a  passionate, playful and pleasurable relationship? 

I invite you to book an intro call to explore your challenges and goals. 

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Ready to create an amazing intimacy? You've come to the right place! 

My unique ASE(c) methods are based on positivity, skills, and the principle that you are not broken! Relationships and female sensual pleasure are complex, and you may just need a guide and skills to get you unstuck. 

Sessions are one-on-one, virtual, focused, and personalized. Intimacy counseling sessions are $200/hour and transformation coaching packages come with a result guarantee! Let's have a free, no-obligation chat about your goals and see how we fit. 

Not ready to talk? Read my articles on low libido fixes, why men lose desire, sacred sexuality for everyday, how to get more help and attention from your man and more, via my once a week newsletter: 


I'm a Colorado psychotherapist but my counseling is for relationship transformation and self-improvement, so health insurance does not cover sessions. If your challenges are rooted in trauma or mental health issues, please see a local therapist using clinical or traditional models.                  (720) 702-1404