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Why an Intimacy Specialist makes a great guest!

We live in a culture that is sex-crazed, yet starving for genuine intimacy and connection!
My story is my inspiration! I grew up in a sex-shaming, hook up culture, endured a decade in a sex and love- starved, unhappy marriage, before creating life changing intimacy with my husband.
Now my passion as a romantic is to help others experience the divine pleasure of a loving, intimate relationship and physical bond.
My professional story is unique: flight attendant to attorney, to Colorado psychotherapist & love and sex coach! I'm a cherished wife and a mama of a special needs child and medical student.
My specialties include positive psychology/self care, female sexuality and empowerment, sacred sexuality/Tantra, and understanding and celebrating our masculine/feminine dynamic and instinctual differences. 
I offer podcast hosts and collaborators a complimentary session! What are you most needing in your intimate life? 



Life Changing and Titillating Topics! 

I'd love to guest on your podcast! I help women create loving, sexy relationships with the man they've got. In coaching, women learn to understand their man, sexuality, create magic in the bedroom and become cherished women. Potential topics include: 

  • Six things women need for great lovemaking/sex lives, I published a paper on this for the AAMFT (Marriage and Family Therapists)

  • Men are not big, hairy women! How to have a great relationship by understanding his masculine nature.

  • Why self-care is great for your life and relationship.

  • Health and relationship benefits of the sexual bond. 

  • What is Tantric/Sacred Sexuality and how can it enhance your lovemaking?

  • How is P0rn impacting your intimacy?

  • Why therapy and couples counseling often miss the mark, and how coaching differs. 

  • Why female pleasure is complex, and you are not broken...

You can read more on my website or check out my style
on any of my YouTube videos:

Women are invited to join my lively FB community: More Intimacy in Marriage for Women

Take my Quiz: What's Blocking Your Bliss?

Here are recent video Podcasts:
One with a male host discussing relationship, sexuality and pornography issues, the second with two therapists discussing female sexuality challenges.


I'm an experienced podcast guest, and promote podcasts via my lively FB group of 2,000 women, other marriage support groups, and my email list of 1,500. I have a high quality microphone and good internet connection. 

Thanks for considering me for your podcast!

And remember to claim your complimentary session or intro call.  

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