Debbie Marielle Elzea, Virtual Sex and Intimacy coach for women, Northern Colorado

Intimacy and Sexuality Specialist, Psychotherapist, JD, NLC, Mother, Tantrika, Blissfully Married Woman 

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How I became an intimacy specialist

Why Me? 

I wasn't always an empowered and cherished woman; it's been a journey!! Like so many of us, I've grown up in a culture that shames rather than celebrates female sexuality, been harassed, assaulted, and lived the misery of a sexless marriage. 

My unhappy sex and intimacy-starved first marriage, resulted in a damaging divorce, along with a child's mental health challenges. Later, the creation of life-changing intimacy with my beloved husband David provided my inspiration to change from a corporate legal career to follow my passion to end divorce, and intimacy-starved misery!


Unlike traditional or couples therapy that often dives into the pain, problems, trauma and misery, I take a positive approach. You are not broken and neither was I; we are strong, loving, and empowered! Regardless of your history, you are capable of creating and enjoying life’s greatest joy: a passionate, connected relationship that is physically and emotionally bonded. It’s my profession, pleasure and passion to help you shed your frustration, shame or emptiness, and find your bliss with your beloved.  

If you are in an unfulfilling or unhappy relationship now, as the woman, you have the power and ability to create sexual excitement and connection with the man you have! You just need the skills, and support.  The grass is greener....where you water it!


Many relationship challenges and pain are based upon misunderstandings of fundamental male-female differences. Modern thought and therapy puts little or negative value on the fact that men and women are instinctually very different...and bring different gifts and needs into the relationship, and into the bedroom. I help women learn to relate to your man in a way, that brings out the best in him, and makes him want to be your hero. 


If your man is like like most, he wants you to be happy, and he wants you to appreciate, respect and desire him! A loved-up man then gives his woman the emotional and physical intimacy she craves.  If you or your man needs to improve in the lover department, you too are empowered to create the connection you desire! In our playful sessions, you uncover your own unique turn on map, and how to communicate them to your man in a way that feels loving and connected and not critical. Your man need not even know what you are 'up to;'  he can just delight in your transformation...and a good man responds! 


I believe that the best kind of healing and self-growth comes from loving and being loved, feeling self-confident and self-expressed, and knowing you are a wonderful partner. 

A loving relationship is a joy. Female sexual pleasure is an art, a science, and a learned skill; it's the new self-growth. When shared with another, it’s the most powerful source of love and joy in your life! 




  • Has lived both the nightmare of an unhappy and intimacy-starved marriage and the bliss of a wonderful one; I understand where you’re coming from and what you want to create with your partner

  • Earned a Doctorate ‘with honors’  from a top university

  • Has had specialty, hands-on training in embodied sex education and sex coaching and intimacy methodologies, sacred sexuality, and life coaching.

  • Offers real life, practical, science-based, sex-positive tools and support with a touch of sacred sexuality. 

  • Leverages scientifically proven embodiment and mind-body techniques that relax your nervous system and rewire your brain for more pleasure. 

  • Co-creates a customized, action-oriented process, empowering you toward your vision for your ideal love life. 

  • Won't focus on past wounding, but instead treats you as a fully capable woman who simply needs support to get 'unstuck.'   

  • Is a ‘Rational Romantic’ (my name when I met my husband) who genuinely appreciates men, marriage and monogamy

  • Is a Colorado Psychotherapist NLC 0111160 with a certificate in Positive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

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