Debbie Marielle Elzea, J.D, NLC, Sexuality Specialist,

Mother, Sensual Explorer, Blissfully Married Woman 

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How I Got Started in Intimacy Coaching

Why Me? 

I wasn't always a turned-on, sexy and cherished woman; it's been a journey!! I'm happy to share my story with you, the good, the bad and the ugly. Like so many of us, I've been assaulted, harassed, suffered an STD, and lived a sexless marriage. I'd love to hear your story! You are not alone; we've all grown up in a culture that shames rather than celebrates female sexuality, and have suffered indignities or worse. 

You are not broken and neither was I; we are strong, loving, and empowered! Life may hand us lemons, and that is not our fault...but it is up to us to make lemonade! Regardless of your history, you are capable of creating and enjoying life’s greatest joy: a blissful, connected,  love and sex life. It’s my profession, pleasure and passion to help you shed your sexual frustration, shame or emptiness, and find your bliss.  

Your primary sensual relationship will always be with yourself, so even if you've not found your Mr. Right (the mythical being who will fix you, or who knows magically what to do to turn you to jelly!) it's a great time to start your transformation journey You are far more likely to attract the love of your life when you are an authentically turned-on, sexually confident woman.


If you are in an unfulfilling or cold war relationship now, as the woman, you have the power and ability to create sexual excitement and connection with the man you have! The grass is greener....where you water it! If your man is like many, sex is the way he feels and expresses love; and if he is like most, he desires nothing more in the world than for his woman to be truly enthusiastic about being with him. A loved-up man then gives his woman the emotional intimacy she craves. 


If your man needs to improve in the lover department, as your coach, I will provide him with resources to help him not only understand what women need generally, (like romance!) but what his specific woman needs to feel loved and turned-on! Or you need not even tell your man what you are up to; he can just delight in your transformation! 


This is not mystical healing.  I believe that the best kind of healing comes from loving and being loved, feeling self-confident and self-expressed, and making your vision come true.   Female sexual pleasure is an art, a science, and a learned skill; it's the new self-growth. When shared with another, it’s the most powerful source of love and joy in your life and your relationship! 




  • Has lived both the dream and the nightmare...understands where you’re coming from and what you want to create with your partner

  • Earned a Doctorate ‘cum laude’  from a top university, and spent decades as a professional business woman and mother before pursuing my 'passion project:' You!

  • Has had specialty, hands-on training in Somatic sex education and sex coaching and intimacy methodologies, sacred sexuality, and life coaching.

  • Offers real life, practical, science-based, sex-positive tools and support with a touch of sacred sexuality. 

  • Leverages scientifically proven embodiment and mind-body techniques that relax your nervous system and rewire your brain for more pleasure. 

  • Co-creates a customized, action-oriented process, empowering you toward your vision for your ideal love life. 

  • Won't focus on past wounding, but instead treats you as a fully capable woman who simply needs support to get 'unstuck.'   

  • Is a ‘Rational Romantic’ (my name when I met my husband) who genuinely loves men and helps you appreciate and leverage male-female differences. 

  • I am a lifelong student of love, sex and male-female relations. My formal relationship and intimacy trainings include: 

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