How would a passionate, connected

Intimate liFe

change your relationship and your life?  


Life is too short not to enjoy your body, relationship and life!

Claim your birthright: pleasure and love!  If you are currently frustrated or disappointed, you are not broken or alone--female sexual pleasure and loving connection are learned skills! 

 Transform your sensual self and become a cherished woman!


Get 10 Proven ways to boost desire and connection in the new year! 

Sex with deep emotional connection 

is life’s greatest reward.  Whether you are in love, or want to exude authentic confidence and sensuality to attract the love of your life, in coaching you learn to enjoy your sexuality, explore what you like, and then communicate this to your partner, in a connecting and playful way, rather than the dreaded, ‘we need to talk.’ If your lover is a male, coaching will demystify male-female differences, the desire and arousal cycle,and the sex-intimacy link.


How do you know what you love if you’ve never tried it? Coaching is a place to explore both the emotions you want to feel from sex, as well as the scenarios that turn you on. We all have certain conditions in our heads that we want met for optimal sex; conditions related to ourselves, our partner and the setting. Explore feelings that intrigue you, perhaps you want to feel cherished, powerful, playful, naughty, spiritual, what else? Now play with the themes that get you there--passion, romance, energetic, submission and dominance, plus the many forms of non-intercourse play and stimulation. 



  Women need sex-ed that is pleasure-based.  
i.e. did you know, the clitoris is similar in size to a penis, with 95% under the surface like an iceberg? That there are a half dozen types of orgasms to try, from A to V?  That neglect or trauma causes your body and sexuality to go numb? That your brain is the most important sex organ, and that you can rewire it  to experience more pleasure via practice, touch and imagination? That good sex releases feel-good hormones that bond you and your partner, and that medications and a stressful lifestyle zap your sex drive? Learn not only the facts, but your own body, preferences, turn-ons and arousal cycles,  dislikes and boundaries. Learn to communicate your preferences to your partner in a connected way, as your sexuality is complex, and your lover is not a mind reader!

Get ‘out of your head’ and into

pleasure--banish distracting thoughts, judgment, performance anxiety and furtively chasing orgasms. Mindful embodiment is being present in the moment with curiosity and being kind to yourself, with an awareness of body and senses. Sensation and focus are revived and enhanced through mindful sensation practices, which use elements of breath, movement, touch, sound and imagination. Guided visualization, breathwork, energetic dance and home practice help you break out of your thought patterns and connect you with your heart, body

and sensuality


As females we receive negative

messages about our sexuality, bodies and desires. Shame and guilt are released in an atmosphere of empathy and support.  Give yourself ‘permission’ to enjoy your beautiful, sensual self, and celebrate your desires and fantasies!  Keep your spirit and self-love tank full with self-care activities. Worthiness means you don’t need a perfect body, relationship or performance to enjoy pleasure, because confidence, skill and enjoyment are

what make you a bliss-filled lover. 


A great sex life does not just happen;

it needs priority and time. ‘Mutually spontaneous desire’ is a myth.  Keep your self-love tank full with plenty of self-care; that is doing things you enjoy.. As women, we need time for arousal. If a man’s sexual response is like a microwave, ours is a crockpot; our anatomy needs time to be primed. Rethink the quickie and abandon faking; satisfaction is found once you’ve discovered turn-ons, techniques, rituals and touch you like--then apply

them in a slow, sensuous way. 




Learn how to turn resentment into romance with my video:

 5 quick and easy things you can do to stop an argument in its tracks and connect with your man!  

Plus other sex and intimacy tips to rebuild passion in your relationship.

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Sexual pleasure is Like  Driving a CAR!  

You "let off the brakes” holding you in place: negative social conditioning, shame, trauma, body image, boredom, low libido, distraction, poor emotional connection, and not getting sexual desires met.

You also “step on the gas” giving yourself more of the good things: pleasure, knowledge, time, confidence, sensation, creativity playfulness and partner connection. 

Your coach is your GPS system! 

-What my clients are saying-

"I am learning so much and having so much fun. I can't wait to get a boyfriend and try this new sexy me out" --SC

"After our first session together, that evening, two people asked me why I looked so happy; one asked if I'd just had a vacation...... You made me feel so relaxed, sexy, and somehow changed my energy!" --CP

"You are amazing! You have great energy and really know your stuff!  --IJL

I always felt like a performer in my sex life. Now I'm enjoying sex--for me-- for the first time in my life! 

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