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Get MORE INTIMACY, both sensual and emotional, in your relationship.  


Four in ten women have low libido, low pleasure or even pain. Many more feel starved for affection and genuine emotional connection...(this is the topic of my new TEDx) 
If you are disappointed with intimacy
Inside or outside the bedroom, 

You are not alone.
You are not broken.
Female sexuality and relationship dynamics are complex!
They are an art, a science, and a learned skill. 

Fortunately YOU can transform your
relationship and your bedroom!

My proven ASE
(c) Methods help you quickly gain the confidence, skills, connection, and mindset to become a Cherished, Sensuous Woman!!

Counseling/coaching is virtual, and RESULTS are GUARANTEED!  Let's talk and explore what you are most needing and how to get there. 

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See my TEDx talk:
Why and How to cultivate your physical, loving bond in your your relationship; in easy steps.
Also, the lighter side of sexuality, and male-female dynamics. 

Book a free intro call: 

Why Work With Me? 

I'm a romantic! I endured a long intimacy-starved relationship, and today I enjoy the safety and joy of a loving, intimate, playful marriage. I understand how you’re suffering, and the vision you want to create with your beloved. I use time-proven methods to get you to your emotional and erotic goals quickly.

I am a psychotherapist/sex therapist in Colorado, and I coach women virtually. My methods help you quickly get 'unstuck,' 'out of your head,' and learn skills to create joy and pleasure in your relationship.  Focused, fast-acting methods help you unleash your sensual potential and create emotional connection. 

You will release stress and resentment using methods based on the 'science of happiness,' and mind-body techniques to rewire your brain for more pleasure.  You discover your own unique pleasure map, and learn conscious loving methods that bring you closer to your beloved, and get you more pleasure.


You learn how to communicate what you need and become sensual explorers together. You relate to your partner in a way that makes them want to please and delight you. 

While it's typical for desire to fall over time in relationships, it is not inevitable. I help women get what they need to be able to enjoy great lovemaking over the long-term: 

  • Confidence and worthiness; shed shame, guilt and body image issues

  • Partner emotional connection; feeling safe and cherished

  • Knowledge; know what you might like, and how to get it

  • Time; prioritize your love life and set a pace that works for you

  • Embodiment, getting 'out of your head.' into your senses and being present

  • Fitness; the absence of pain, increase in sensation

  • Creativity; playfulness and sensual explorers together

I've published a paper for American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) on the subject and my upcoming TEDx Talk is For Great Sex Lives, Couples Need Emotional Connection!


Do you want to be a cherished and sensuous woman? YOU can do it! 

Let's explore your vision and goals in a call. 

Enjoy some client transformation stories: 

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What are you most needing in your love life? 

  • Knowledge and Creativity? 

  • Emotional Connection? 

  • Relaxation and sensuality?

  • Worthiness and Confidence?


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