Get MORE INTIMACY, both physical and emotional, in your relationship. Results Guaranteed!  


Is your relationship safe, loving and passionate?
Or is it frustrating or lacking connection?
If you are disappointed with intimacy
Inside or outside the bedroom, 
You are not alone.
You are not broken.
Female sexuality, and male-female
relationship dynamics are complex!
They are an art, a science and a learned skill. 

​If marriage counseling has disappointed you,
Or your man is not interested in going....
or changing....or you know that you are stuck,
Here's the good news: 

YOU can singlehandedly transform your relationship
and your bedroom! 
My proven ASE
(c) Methods help you quickly gain the skills, confidence and mindset to become a Cherished, Sensuous Woman!!

RESULTS are GUARANTEED!  Let's talk; no obligation. 

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Why Work With Me? 

Like you, I endured a frustrating, unhappy and intimacy-starved relationship. Today I enjoy the safety and joy of a loving, intimate, playful marriage. I understand where you’re suffering, and the vision you want to create with your partner, and use time-proven methods to get you to your emotional and erotic goals quickly.

While I am a psychotherapist in Colorado, I work with women who don't need traditional therapy; they don't want to probe the past and the pain, nor point fingers, and instead want to get unstuck, get out of their heads, and learn skills to create joy and pleasure in their relationships and bedrooms. My fast-acting methods help them tap their feminine powers,  unleash their sensual potential....and get the best out their man. 

You will learn methods based on the 'science of happiness,' and mind-body techniques to rewire your brain for more pleasure, and less stress.  You discover your own unique turn-on pleasure map, based on time-proven methods, and if it is your desire, learn conscious loving methods from sacred sexuality/Tantra. You learn how to communicate what you need and be sensual explorers together. You relate to your man in a way that makes him want to please and delight you, and be your hero again. 

To be able to enjoy great lovemaking over the long-term, women often need many 'stars to align.'  I help women get all of the following: 


  • Confidence and worthiness, shed shame and body image issues

  • Partner emotional connection, feeling safe and cherished

  • Knowledge, know what you might like, and how to get it

  • Time: prioritize your love life and set a pace that works for you

  • Embodiment, mindful sensuality: getting 'out of your head' and into the moment

  • Fitness; the absence of pain, increase in sensation

  • Creativity; playfulness and sensual explorers together

See my paper for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) on the subject and my upcoming TEDx Talk: 7 Things Women Need for Wonderful Intimate Lives!


Do you want to be a cherished and sensuous woman? 

Let's explore your vision and goals on a free breakthrough session, or choose the quick Q and A meeting.  

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